John Ingram floralartistry2000@yahoo.com
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 08:02:06 PST
I purchased a few 3" pots (from a garden center in Columbus, OH) of this last spring and placed it in a moist sunny site. For my garden this would be near to where the water hose runs out of the garden. This  area is always getting water sepage if the hose is not attached really tight. They grew well over summer, increasing only slightly. The true test of hardiness will come out this spring. As far as I have been told, the ground has been covered with snow amlost constantly since Nov/Dec (Of course the one year I don't do home for Christmas and it is a white one, never any when I am there). 
It did not come with a name as far as I know. I will look back in my records though just to be sure. Well, it actually never name it into my notes as being planted. Isn't that special. I guess I am slacking off. Well, I know it is there. Maybe I left the label in Ohio. 
Anyway, I would love to get some of the hardier cultivars to try there. 
Alan, what was the name of the supplier that had the cultivar that you wanted? Maybe we could work out a trade for some of your hardy stuff? 


John Ingram

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