Fw: [pbs] Hoog & Dix update

Pacific Rim paige@hillkeep.ca
Fri, 07 Feb 2003 12:54:23 PST
Hello, John.

Yes, that's right. No direct orders, which means no wholesale orders.
Antoine set things up this way so that he can concentrate on growing. It
takes energy and time to get a lot of small orders inspected, packed and
shipped, as I am learning!

The notion of  "bulk" orders from Antoine is inexact, anyway, since the
quantities available of any taxon range from small to very small.

But I can imagine that this new setup will be disappointing to  group
members who strictly buy only the least common plants and are used to buying
them wholesale.

More common bulbs, however ~ which tend to be less expensive, and are not
without beauty or garden worth ~  will still be available through Hoog &
Dix, presumably as usual. And of course there are other bulb growers and
wholesalers, too.

I would like members of our online bulb lists to be able to buy the plants
they want. The notion of group buying has only just arisen and I haven't
thought through how, if at all, I might be able to help, since the costs of
importing and reshipping cannot be made to vanish into thin air. Perhaps
members who have some experience in this area could discuss it with me

Paige Woodward

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