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J.E. Shields
Mon, 03 Feb 2003 11:54:29 PST
Mary Sue and Lawrence,

There has to be someplace that you go to create a new page.  Your notes 
don't give a clue as to that.  Just typing on some other page doesn't seem 
to do it.

Where?  How?

Jim Shields
who much prefers raw HTML and FTP.

At 10:23 AM 2/3/03 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear All,
>Lawrence and I are working on getting the pbs wiki going so we won't have 
>to use his so I haven't had a lot of time to help all of you who have been 
>struggling to figure out how to use Lawrence's wiki. There is a bit of a 
>learning curve for me the non techie and it is very time consuming. I 
>appreciate your efforts in trying this out and I appreciate the others who 
>have jumped in to help like Sheila and John.
>I am trying to create clear instructions for everyone that will help you. 
>The beauty of a wiki is that everyone can use it and help make it better. 
>The disadvantage of a wiki is that anyone can make changes. My 
>GettingStarted page which I created to give you all tips to tell you how 
>to put your information and picture location on our page so it will be 
>easy for everyone to read keeps getting relocated. I have several times 
>put it on our page and this morning it was gone again so I put it back.
>I suggest that everyone who plans to upload images or provide information 
>for our wiki go to this page and print out the instructions. They are much 
>clearer than the instructions for editing that appear on the very bottom 
>when you edit and which I can't change. After you have printed out the 
>instructions then go to the bottom of the page and push edit. You will 
>then see how it looks when you are working on it and before it is saved 
>and I have examples to illustrate every point. Please don't edit the 
>GettingStarted page for now although you can send me ideas for improving 
>it. If you want to know how to create a wikipage to put in pictures for a 
>genus or how to italicize a botanical name or how to make sure the 
>wikilink is on its own line the information is here. GettingStarted will 
>be on our page so you can refer to it unless someone moves it again and if 
>they do please someone put it back.
>If you just want to practice your editing skills you can use the SandBox. 
>Type whatever you want and save it and see how it looks.
>Once we get our Pacific Bulb Society web page up and operational all this 
>information can go there and remain secure. In the meantime I will make a 
>note of this archive number so I can refer everyone to this information so 
>I won't be repeating it over and over.
>Procedure for images for this list:
>1. First you need to upload the message. To do this go to:
>The Browse key will allow you to find where on your computer you have 
>stored the image file.
>2. Be sure you have named your file something short that tells what it is 
>and do not put spaces in the title. Either string the words together or 
>use underlines or dashes. Eg. Worsleya-rayneri.jpg, Worsleya_rayneri.jpg 
>or Worsleyarayneri.jpg. Otherwise it may not wrap well. You will have an 
>opportunity to give us the complete name of what you are sending in your 
>post and also when you describe your image on the wiki page.
>3. Find the file and push upload. After the file has been transferred from 
>your computer to the server you will be given the url location. Make a 
>note of this or copy it and paste it directly in your email so you won't 
>lose it.
>4. Identify in the subject of your post what the image will be so that 
>everyone will know what it is. Example: Crocus image
>5. Tell us about your image in the post and then include the url if you 
>have not so already.
>6. Please add this url to our wikipage listed below by editing the page 
>(go to the bottom and push edit) and pasting the url where the plant would 
>go in alphabetical order. Above the url write identifying information 
>about your picture in a couple of sentences. (Full name of plant, country 
>of origin, garden grown or in the wild, photographer, perhaps suitability 
>for which garden zone) and then type in three % signs before your wikilink 
>(your url that you have pasted.) When you edit you can see how everyone 
>else has done it and copy their style or refer to GettingStarted for more 
>Exactly what you put here we haven't decided for sure. We don't want it to 
>be too long, but I think knowing which country it comes from would be 
>information I'd want to know and also some idea of who might be able to 
>grow it would be really helpful. If you don't know all this information 
>include what you do know. You can create a wikipage just for yourself as 
>the photographer if you want to and choose what information you are 
>willing to go on the web. To do this follow the instructions in 
>GettingStarted. Or you can just give your name but we do want to know 
>whose picture it is.
>7. Preview you changes to make sure it looks like you intended and save 
>your changes. You can save and then edit it if it needs fixing.
>To view images posted to the PBS wiki site or to put the images in that 
>you have already posted to this group go to:
>If you did not make a note of your url when you uploaded it you may be 
>able to find it in your email if you sent it to us or in the archives if 
>you didn't keep that email. You also can find it by going to the list of files:
>Look through the list of files until you find your file. Click on it to be 
>sure and then copy the url from your Browser location window and paste it 
>in our page as directed above.
>Don't be put off by all these instructions. I tried to make them as 
>complete as I could so I covered all the possibilities. Once you do this a 
>couple of times you find it isn't that difficult.
>I hope this will answer all the questions. Perhaps a few of you who have 
>figured this out (hint Sheila) would be willing to help those people who 
>are stuck until I have more time.
>Mary Sue
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