wiki speed
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 15:58:33 PST
Regarding the question of wiki speed, I too have noticed slowness accessing 
the pages.  It's not a question of file sizes, it appears to be an issue of 
server speed and possibly traffic to the site.  Today it appears to be taking 
about 20-40 seconds accessing any page (or longer), much slower than any 
other site I'm accessing.  Maybe it is excessive internet traffic... everyone 
on the eastern half of the USA is snowed in!  But then again, maybe it's a 
slow server... people often forgot about that part of the "speed issue".  I 
added an additional photo showing leaf details of Arisaema heterophyllum, but 
the process was kinda painful in that it was so slow to access the pages.

2nd item:
By the way Arnold, I copied the link to your pic of Eremurus himalaicus to 
live within the separate Eremurus page.  I didn't remove your "root" level 
posting of the link, figuring that it'll be announced in the PBS digest.  
Perhaps in a couple days, that link can be deleted, and the one I copied-&
-pasted into the Eremurus page can stay.  I wanted to add a proper 
photographer's attribution, but didn't know who the photographer was.  By the 
way Arnold, what is your last name?  By the way 2, the Eremurus himalaicus 
photo is very nice... care to comment on how you've cultivated this species.

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