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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sun, 09 Feb 2003 12:49:49 PST
Dear All,

Lawrence and I have put in a lot of hours and I can now announce that the 
PBS Wiki is complete enough that I'd like you all to use it now and stop 
using the old one. I have changed our list information page so it now 
reflects the new addresses. Our Wiki will always be a work in progress. 
That is the nature of a Wiki.

I am composing some FAQ for the pbs wiki. Lawrence has created a temporary 
web page for PBS until Cathy can finish the one she is doing. When I am 
done with the FAQ they will appear there and as people have questions I can 
refer you there.

I have created a How to use this Wiki page and on it is a page of Editing 
Tips and another to tell you about Adding Pages. There is also a SandBox 
which is a page you can practice on before you start work on other pages so 
you can learn without disturbing anyone's work.

My small committee of helpers and I decided to create a page for 
Photographs And Information on bulbs we have grown or seen in the wild. We 
suggest that we make pages for each genus that we want to tell about or 
show pictures of. At the top of each genus page anyone can write a few 
lines about the genus and paste in urls where more information about the 
genus can be found. Mark M. has already done that for Allium, telling us 
about Allium and listing his web page as a good place to find out more. 
So you can look at it to get an idea. Under that will go all the pictures 
of that genus that members of our group choose to share with information 
about the pictures. We suggest that it would be helpful to know the country 
of origin, whether your picture is of a plant growing in your garden or the 
wild, and of course who took the picture. Any information about hardiness 
would of course be helpful, but we want total information about each 
picture to only be a line or two. If all you are willing to do is to give 
the name of the species and your name as photographer we will accept that 
rather than lose your contribution.

This is a chance for any of us to adopt a genus and make the page for that 
genus really outstanding. I will put a link in to the archives for genera 
we have discussed in the TOW so that people will know which month of the 
archives holds the information about that genus once our old archives are 
up and when I have time. When a topic is planned for the coming weeks you 
can work ahead and have pictures ready to go for that topic of the week. I 
know that Rob and Lyn have done this for our next topic.

Please all of you put pictures of the plants you want to share on this page 
rather than create one of your own for your pictures. You can always create 
a page for yourself by typing your name together when you add information 
about your picture. If Jim Shields added a picture and typed photographed 
by JimShields he would be telling Wiki that he wanted to create a special 
page for titled Jim Shields. On that page he could tell who he was and 
where he lived and include the url for his web page. Then every picture 
that he wrote photographed by JimShields would have a link to his page and 
yet his pictures would be with all the others.

Lawrence transferred over all the jpg files from the old wiki. I am sure 
some of them are from this group but we weren't told about them so I can't 
add them to the photograph page as I have no clue about them. So if you 
uploaded a picture and you can't figure out how to add it to our Photograph 
And Information page you will need to ask someone to help you.

Jennifer our talented and hard working treasurer has created a temporary 
logo for us. I learned that when you click on it you are returned to the 
home page of the wiki.

Here are the important links:
PBS Wiki Home Page: http://pacificbulbsociety.org/pbswiki/index.php/…

PBS Photographs and Information Page: 

Upload File is found on our home page:

To find the old files you may have added and not told us about:

I hope to see our wiki filling up with glorious images. Let's try to keep 
the size of the files below 100k and preferable lower so they will show on 
everyone's screen.

And for those of you who want to thank Lawrence for all the hours he has 
put in for our group to make this all possible when this is not even his 
passion, you can thank him at mailto:lfl@intrex.net

Mary Sue

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