TOW Roscoea

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 16:08:02 PST
Dear All,

This is a note also on the Trillium list from Daniela Goll from France. She
also said I could share it with our group.

4. Dry winter and well  drained soil for Roscoeas? Now you have me wondering
whether I should move them.

I have R. scillifolia established in the rockery where it's becoming a menace -
the ants are moving the seed metres away. R. humeana and R. cautleyoïdes were
both planted five or six years ago next to the pool, in a rather heavy, always
humid soil; they seed around very gently. For company they have some Asiatic
Primulas (the easy ones) and Ranunculus aconitifolius. Also Trollius europaeus.
They're always late growing, but flower very freely.

If they show this year again, after the wettest winter I remember, I'll believe
they're bog plants.

Daniela (PARIS)		<goll@CLUB-INTERNET.FR>

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