Crocus photos + Allium photo on PBS wiki
Sun, 02 Feb 2003 19:20:57 PST
I uploaded a few photos to the PBS wiki web.  It's probably easiest to just 
go to the main PBS page, and click on the links there:…

I see that a new page was created for Crocus, and Tony Goode has posted some 
fine photos there.  I hope it's ok, but I posted 3 more photos; 3 different 
views of Crocus sieberi ssp. sublimus 'Tricolor' to augment Tony's fine 
closeup showing a few blooms of that species in tight bud.  Go to the PBS 
home page, click on the Crocus link, then page down to find links to the 
photos for this species.

Question:  is it ok to post links to other sites from the PBS photo postings. 
 For example, I have the same 3 photos on my plantbuzz website, and say a 
little something about each of the photos... it might be useful to cross 
reference by adding a link to a page with more information.  What does 
netiquette suggest in this case?

Oh, I almost forgot.  I posted a photo of Allium karataviense 'Ivory Queen'.  
This is a superior selection that has become freely available where Holland 
bulbs are sold in the fall, and it's inexpensive too.  This selection is very 
compact and has lovely pure white globes of bloom nestled right on top of the 
broad, waxy, vase-shaped foliage.  The photo shows 6 flowering plants, and on 
the left, two plants of the normal pinkish form:…

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