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Boyce Tankersley
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 07:18:38 PST
Hi Jim:

We brought back seeds and 2 tubers of Gymnospermium smirnowii from the Republic of Georgia trip. It is restricted to a narrow elevational range in the Caucasus Mountains. Unfortunately the bulbs never sprouted and the seeds have not germinated. The bulbs were just about dormant (already flowered and set seed) at the same time the Galanthus fruits were ripening. I think we may have 'moly-coddled' them too much. If we obtain more they are going directly into the soil outdoors instead of held over in our cool greenhouse.

Boyce Tankersley

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Dear all;
	Perhaps spring really IS coming. The first deep red curved 
stems of Gymnospermium albertii are showing as they lift their heads 
out of the gravel. No sign of foliage yet, but this should appear 
	This is an odd tuberous and herbaceous member of the family 
Berberbidaceae mostly known for woody shrubs. This seems to be the 
most common species in cultivation, yet I can't really say much about 
it. There's another half dozen species, but only 1 or 2 are rarely 
ever available and usually too pricey for me.

	Does anyone else grow these and have good luck? My single 
bulb has slowly enlarged as seen by the four shoots coming up now. It 
never reaches the 10 inch height I've seen in the literature, but 
maybe 1/2 of that. The small yellow flowers are more curious than 

	Anyone even know a good source for tubers or seed.

	Its next 'closest' relative Bongardia has eluded me too. Info?

		Thanks		Jim W.
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