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Tue, 11 Feb 2003 11:35:32 PST
Hi all,

I've been using plastic Dymo tape labels for many years.  I stick them on 
the zinc markers that have wire legs through holes in the zinc piece.  The 
tape fades in the sun, and eventually gets so brittle it flakes off, but 
not for many years.  The embossed label remains readable until the plastic 
disintegrates.   Usually, the metal marker has been eaten by a rototiller 
before that happens.

Bill is right, it takes more time to make the individual labels by hand; 
but anyone in the garden here can do it (except my wife, for some strange 
reason).  I'm the only one who can operate the computer system.  Most of 
the labels are actually made by high school kids working part time for us 
in the garden in summer.  We don't make whole sheetfuls of labels at any 
one time in any case.  Since you can't put a sheet of self-stick labels 
through a laser printer more than once (according to the box), we have not 
been able to figure out a way to make use of computer printed labels.  We 
can carry the plastic Dymo machine (ca. $20-30) around with us in the 
garden, too.

The white plastic pot labels come in two varieties:  polystyrene-like rigid 
plastic; and vinyl-like flexible plastic.  The vinyl labels hold up much 
better in the sun.  We use them outdoors in the ground as quick markers for 
daylily seedlings, as soon as a seedling gets a number.  We use them in all 
the potted plants, with all the extra bits of data that Jane mentioned.  I 
usually put one of the zinc markers with Dymo plastic label on it in each 
of the large pots, 3-gallon and larger, just for the sake of readability.

I quit using the zinc markers that wrap around the wire legs a few years 
ago.  They truly are a nuisance, and the wear and tear of an outdoor garden 
tends to separate the zinc piece from the wire legs.  The ones I use now 
come from A.M. Leonard, and the zinc plate has rounded corners and also has 
holes on the top and bottom edges through which the U-shaped wire legs 
go.  Much more permanent structure.  Leonard gives a pretty good price 
break on large quantities.

Jim Shields

At 12:59 PM 2/11/03 -0600, you wrote:
>I cannot attest to the value of the following, yet, as I won't be actually 
>using them until this spring...
>I bought a DYMO "Letra Tag" at Wal-Mart for $20-30, and it prints out the 
>label (including double row if you like) after typing in the name. The 
>thing I am hopeful about concerning permanency is based on the fact that 
>you can buy metallic labels for it. These are claimed to be weatherproof. 
>The tape is 1/2" wide. I will be sticking them on cap style metal garden 
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