Ariseama heterophyllum
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 16:04:11 PST
Robert Hamilton <> wrote:

>Your  Arisaema  heterophyllum looks great. 
>Do you leave it in the ground all year round?

It's planted in the ground under the shade and cover of a Rhododendron, and 
has been outside 2 years.  Last winter was admittedly mild (for New England), 
not so this year, with frigid arctic temperatures, weeks on end below zero, 
fortunately with about 45cm of snow cover at the moment.

I find that the late emerging Ariseama are hardy, possibly owing to their 
late emergence thus escaping any late frosts.  The ho-hum Ariseama uratense 
often doesn't appear until July.  But what's most remarkable about A. 
heterophyllum, is that it can grow to 5' (150 cm) in the space of only two 

For more pics of Ariseama, I have a small gallery of photos at:…

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