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Alberto Castillo ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com
Fri, 21 Feb 2003 04:24:34 PST
Dear all:
         We forgot to add the details on the growing cycles of the items 

1. Dahlia coccinea var palmeri (S)
2. Nerine bowdenii 'E.B. Anderson Hybrid' (S)
3. Lilium white tetra trumpets (S)
4. Lilim Hybr. 'Moonlight' X L. sulpureum (S)
5. Seed of Hippeastrum 'Yellow Pioneer' (S)
6. Blooming size bulb of Hippeastrum "Yellow Pioneer'(S)
7. Zephyranthes insularum (S)
8. Habranthus robustus (W)
9. Unknown rainlily ex Fausto Ceni (presumably S)
10. Habranthus biflorus (W)
11. Seed of Ornithogalum sp. (W)
12. Bulbs of Oxalis magnifica (S)
13. Bulbs of Oxalis triangularis (S)
14. Small bulbs of Tritonia disticha (S)
15. Small bulbs of Ledebouria cooperi (S)


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