Wiki Images

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 17:26:39 PST
Dear All,

Please post your images to the PBS wiki now, not Lawrence's wiki so our 
files will all be in one place. Lawrence has taken away our page on his 
wiki now that we have our own. And he has transferred the old files over 
too, but I don't want him to have to keep doing that for us. So could I ask 
Sheila and Ann Marie to post again on:

Upload File is found on our home page:…

Both pictures are wonderful and we definitely want to have them on our 
picture page.

Please label your files something that will make it easier to find them.
Hippeastrum_johnsonii.jpg or Hippeastrum-johnsonii.jpg

And also please do not have spaces in the name.

Scadoxus-puncieus-alba.jpg or Scadoxus_puncieus_alba.jpg

I can't get Doug's image by clicking on it, but I can find it on the 
Scadoxus page on our
PBS Photographs and Information Page:…
I don't know if I have trouble with it because of the way he named it.

Kathy, can you access photographs from this page?

I am glad you are trying this out Ann Marie. See if you can figure out how 
to put your Hippeastrum picture in the Hippeastrum page. Jennifer will help 
you if you get stuck.

Mary Sue

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