Sheila's composite bulb scan

Boyce Tankersley
Tue, 04 Feb 2003 10:50:00 PST
Very nice image. I had no idea you could scan flowers and not have them look squashed. Could Sheila share with us how she did this?

I asked Sheila Burrow to put her image of bulbs from her garden that she 
laid on her scanner in an amazingly artistic fashion on the wiki. I have 
always loved this image.…

Boyce Tankersley
USDA zone 5
Limited snow cover in winter on the west side of Lake Michigan
Urban soils (lacking a natural soil profile, compacted) clay to silt clay
pH of soils around 7.8, ditto for irrigation water
Historic low temperature minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit
Average low temperature minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit
Historic high temperature 108 degrees Fahrenheit
Average high temperature 84 degrees Fahrenheit
Average last frost May 9th
Average first frost October 12
Normal growing season 158 days
Average 15 days with thunderstorms
Average 124 days with precipitation
Average 4 days with fog
Average 35.8 inches of rainfall (included melted snowfall)

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