Veltheimia photos on PBS wiki
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 20:06:11 PST
Please note that the photos of various color forms of Veltheimia bracteata on 
the PBS wiki Veltheimia page have been re-linked.  There seemed to be a 
problem with the links for some people, so the images have been renamed 
slightly and re-linked.  Please take a look at:…
...for some of Doug's photos of lovely color forms of Veltheimia bracteata.

For those of you who might want to post pictures, may I offer these file 
naming recommendations:
1.  Make the file name contiguous... e.g. no blank spaces and use dashes 
instead of underscore to separate name terminologies.  The underscore symbol 
works in most cases, but given the evidence from Doug's posting, sometimes it 
doesn't work. Only use standard alphanumeric characters.

2.  Don't use superfluous punctuation in the file name.  It works best if 
filenames are contiguous and avoid non-alphanumeric syntax.  Example, don't 
use periods, other than for the separation between the filename and the 
3-character file extension... such as
My-great-plant.jpg.  Using non-standard characters in file names such as 
apostrophes, percentage symbol, question marks, etc., only invite all sorts 
of problems based on the overly liberal file naming used.

3.  Keep the names fairly short, and self-evident, avoiding "non-standard" 

Keep on posting... I'm seeing some great pictures there on PBS wiki!

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