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RichardPIV@aol.com RichardPIV@aol.com
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 19:07:20 PST
     An alternative to a grease pencil (China marker?) that I have used for 
years on the sides of black plastic pots is "Mean Streak - Waterproof 
Permanent Marking Stick"   made by Sanford Corp., Bellwood, IL USA 60104.   I 
still have the same marker I got over 10 years ago, and I no longer recall 
where it was purchased.   Writing on the pots has remained intact for at 
least 5 years, all exposed to the weather.   One disadvantage: if you reuse 
pots, be sure to mark a line through the old writing, as I have not found a 
way to remove the white marks.
Richard Smith
northern California, z 9ab

In a message dated 2/10/03 8:13:31 PM, batlette@cox.net writes:

> Speaking of grease pencils, I have looked for months for white ones and
> finally found some on a dusty, unused shelf at the building supply yard, of
> all places. We like to mark the outside of the black plastic gallon pots in
> case our stake(s) disappears from the inside.
> Cathy Craig President PBS
> Maritime zone 9b

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