TOW Roscoea -Trillium/Arisaema

James Waddick
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 10:31:47 PST
Dear All;
	I think we need  to give another round of appreciation to 
Mary Sue (private email, please) for rounding up a number of messages 
from the Trillium list. And I suggest membership if you have an 
interest in Trillium or other shade/woodland plants. Mark Mc. just 
replied about Arisaema and I point you to another Email group 
(Arisaema - L) for fanatics of this group. If there's enough interest 
I can post membership info.

	I failed to give one experience with Roscoea. Years ago I 
came across a mass of Roscoea (sp unknown) in Sichuan Province 
(probably Zone 9). The plants were a solid ground cover and totally 
confined to the shade of a small grove of Junipers(fairly dense 
shade). In late April, there was no new growth, all dead brown 
foliage. I was most impressed that these were growing in densely 
crusted fine grained clay (possibly loess).

	The degree of success from so many people in a wide range of 
places gives me new urges to try these again. Prhaps Jim Shields can 
present his Roscoea sources for our perusal. A Google search does 
turn up a few places.

	One more time.		best and thanks Mary Sue 	Jim W.

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