Insecticides (imidacloprid).

James R. Fisher
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 16:54:47 PST
Den Wilson wrote:
> Hello all,
> Tom wrote:
> <<Imidacloprid is also the effective chemical in Bayer's Advanced Tree and
> Shrub insecticide.>>
> Imidacloprid is the active ingredient in a recently introduced insecticide
> named 'Provado' in the UK. It was marketed under the slogan 'The last supper
I have used it on indoor plants; especially effective for root
mealybugs. However, Bayer markets a variety of formulations
for use in Europe, and when last I looked, the French beekepers
association was up in arms about it, as they believed that it
was translocated through the plant and got into flower nectar.
Their bees picked it up, took it home, and it put paid to the
hive. I don't use it outdoors.
Jim Fisher
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