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Thu, 20 Feb 2003 09:59:01 PST
Ken K <> wrote:

>On the other hand, the speed of the
>WIKI depends on traffic at, 
>as well as the speed and number of 'hops'
>between your ISP's server and the host 
>(ibiblio) server, and traffic on the
>internet in general.

Good points.  I've been uploading to the PBS wiki both from work (high-speed T1 internet access) and at home through AOL dialup (typically connect at 50K).  A couple days ago I reported that accessing and posting on the PBS wiki was very slow (which it was), then a couple hours later that night, it was "flying" at normal speed again.

Even with a fast T1 line connecting the internet, the routing path (the path and number of "hops" that Ken referred to) is of primary importance.  At work yesterday, several people at work started experiencing slowness accessing a particular site (a project web collaboration site, called Buzzsaw).  We put a tracer on the connection, found out that it took over 30 "hops" to get from Boston Massachusetts to the Buzzsaw servers in California, and that there was unusual intermittant slowness in a couple of specific hops.

For the most part, I've been able to post to wiki with satisfactory speed, even on dialup internet connections.

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