Wiki Users

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 08:25:46 PST
Dear All,

Hopefully this subject header will mean that those who are not interested 
in the wiki can skip this message.

This morning I discovered that a lot of the original pictures we had on our 
Photographs page are no longer there. The ones I could see were missing 
were single species. I think it is fine for people to take their own 
pictures off if they decide they have a better one they would like us to 
see or if for any reason they don't want it there. But please don't take 
off other people's pictures. I put the original ones back, but it took a 
bit of time since we have had more than 34 changes so far so I couldn't 
just copy the whole lot and add the old ones at once.

Possibly someone thought that single species didn't belong there? I 
suggested that a genus page be made whenever we had at least two pictures 
to go in it. But if someone who understands how to add pages and pictures 
wants to make a genus page for all those single species and put the one 
picture for that genus on that genus page, go for it. But otherwise please 
do not remove them until there is a another page for them to be displayed on.

If anyone put a picture on this page that has disappeared that I couldn't 
find, please add it back and just assume that whoever removed it did not 
understand our system. Thanks very much.

Mary Sue

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