Dymo Labels

Cathy Craig batlette@cox.net
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 11:15:08 PST
Hi Jim,

I have only recently, after years of looking, found a source for the vinyl
labels - Charlie's Greenhouse. These little suckers are expensive (but well
worth the money). Anybody have other sources for these? Prices at Charlie's
are 4" $26/1000, 5" $27/1000, 6" $28/1000. The guy on the order desk said
they are PVC. These things last practically forever - well, for many years
anyhow. Take pencil well and hold labels made on labelmakers great.

Cathy Craig President PBS
Maritime zone 9b

> The white plastic pot labels come in two varieties:
> polystyrene-like rigid
> plastic; and vinyl-like flexible plastic.  The vinyl labels hold up much
> better in the sun.

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