Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 18:01:49 PST
Dear All,

Mark McDonough has offered to help me with the Wiki. So if some of you are 
having troubles using it please write one of us for help and we will try to 
assist you. Mark's address is
If you upload something that is too big or won't show or needs to come off 
just ask us to remove it for you. We are the only ones who can do that. If 
any of you see something that shouldn't be there let us know.

We will always be trying to improve the instructions to reflect any new 
problems that have come up. Mark discovered that Doug's underscore key on 
his MAC looks like space to Unix so hopefully that has been solved by using 
hyphens instead. So when I get a chance I will change that on the instructions.

A couple of you have been pointing people to the address for the wiki 
files. And some of you have already discovered why that isn't entirely 
satisfactory. There are a couple of reasons. First the naming system has 
not been consistent. Even using underscore and hyphens puts the names in a 
different place alphabetically. Then some people have spaces in the front 
of their names or have just used species names. I have no doubt that people 
will continue to be creative in their naming no matter what our 
instructions are. Once the file gets linked to a wiki page it no longer 
matters so much.

Secondly, it is Mark's and my vision that the Wiki will be more than a 
gallery of pictures. We hope there will be information about the pictures 
that others will find useful. And we want the photographer identified which 
we can't do on the file page. Plus we will be adding outside urls for the 
genera (like Mark's webpage for Alliums, Tony's for Crocus, Bill 
Richardson's once we create an Ixia page, etc.) Then if someone is really 
interested in a genus they can go to the wiki page for that genus and read 
about it, see pictures provided by our members, and links to other sites. 
How this develops will depend a lot on who gets interested in this project 
and how much time they have to spend on it. We can't do it all.

So I am suggesting that we refer people instead of to the files page to the 
Photographs And Information page. I have made it the home page for my 
browser. On the top left hand corner there is a recent changes button so 
you can see what has been worked on that may not have been announced on the 
list. Here is the URL:…
If you look there you might find that I have been busy adding pictures for 
one of my favorite genera. (Hint--Think what most people consider the most 
beautiful genus associated with California.)

If some of you who have web pages would add a link for our wiki perhaps 
others might find it. Until the Pacific Bulb Society web page gets created 
(the one that Lawrence did for us only tells about the list and the wiki) 
we are rather invisible at the moment.

If you aren't willing to add your images to the Photographs page or to add 
a page for a new genus if your image is new to that page, please tell us 
enough about it when you post your image that someone else can do it for you.

Thanks all.

Mary Sue
PBS List and Wiki Administrator

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