Using the Wiki--Triteleia hendersonii image

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 06 Feb 2003 09:08:54 PST
Dear All,

I am sorry some of you are having trouble with the wiki, but am so pleased 
you are all trying to use it so I will keep on trying to explain it better. 
We are working on the new one and once it is going I hope it will fill up 
quickly. You don't need a user name, I.D. or password to use the wiki.

Just now I went through the process and am recording what I did to get a 
picture of Triteleia hendersonii on the wiki. I showed this earlier when we 
were doing the TOW but some of you may not have been on one of the images list.

So for those of you who still are struggling I'll try once more by using 
this as an example of how to do it:

Go to our wiki page:…

Scroll down to the section called UploadFile to load images.

In the little box you will tell it where on your computer is the file you 
want to upload to the wiki. Browse will access your computer, but you will 
have to know where that image is. When you get the image you want in the 
box hit upload.

After you have done this there is a message telling you what to do next. I 
just did one and this is my message:
file successfully uploaded to location:…

If the name I used for my image is too long, it may not wrap and I didn't 
check that so am just hoping it will work. The name can't have spaces in it.

I want to send this url to this group, but I also want to add it to our 
wiki page as a wikilink.

So I highlight the url and copy it. I go back twice to the original page 
listed above or just enter it again if I have bookmarked it, go to the 
bottom of the page and on the left click on edit and then I paste my url 
alphabetically by genus/species on our page.

Above it I type in information about my picture adding %%% to the end so 
the url will go on the line below and then I go down to the save box and 
save it. I check to see if it has turned out how I want it and if not, I 
will edit it again.

I hope this helps. But keep asking if it is not clear. Is there a special 
process for Macs I should be explaining? Any wiki masters with Macs who 
have had success who want to improve on my suggestions?

Mary Sue

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