tow Crocus

Lyn Edwards
Mon, 03 Feb 2003 15:29:42 PST
	 Crocuses are a long way up my list of favourites and some Tony has
mentioned that do really well here in my approx. zone 8 USDA garden  are:-
-C.laevigatus, this has spread into a pretty sizable patch over the years
growing in the shade of a weeping japanese maple. I guess it is really more
early winter in timing than autumn.
-C. goulimyi, also late and increases well but the flowers don't hold up to
bad weather very well.
-C. speciosus and its selections are earlier,do well and are real standouts
in the garden.These flowers are also very prone to damage by the weather.
-C.corsicus, this is a real knockout, it increases very well here and the
flowers are so lovely,I
cannot understand why it is so expensive to buy when it is so prolific.
-C.tommasinianus and some of its selections also do well here but does not
spread itself around like a weed, I'd be very happy if it did, a nice weed
to have.
-C.ancyrensis, this increases very quickly and flowers very early in spring
when its very bright golden colour is most welcome.
	I do grow more but these are the ones that do best,after all Australia is a
pretty alien place to these little fellows,there are times when I wish for
softer conditions for my plants.
	One I wish would increase into a decent clump for me is C.seiberi Hubert
Edelstein,do look at all the wonderful Crocus images on the wiki,
Lyn Edwards

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