Was Another try, now Attachments

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 09:54:30 PST
Dear All,

Just in case you are all very puzzled about what is going on with Doug and 
his messages let me try to explain. Now that we have a wiki where people 
can upload files so people can see images if they want to see them, there 
is no reason for people to send attachments to this list. On our old server 
they were not allowed and with the upgrade on this server I could disallow 
them and I have. Before this you could send attachments, but they were not 
archived and I asked you all not to do it.

Yesterday Doug sent an attachment to the list and his message was held for 
approval. Arnold approved it, but the attachment was stripped when it 
arrived on the list making some of you wonder about his message. He later 
sent the same message without an attachment and the message went through 
without being held for approval, but without the attachment, it didn't make 
much sense.

Doug has given Arnold and me a nice lesson in how the system works and that 
was useful.

Attachments are not allowed on this list. If you accidently send a message 
with an attachment (including a virus) it will be held and not 
automatically sent to the list. Upload your images to the wiki please. A 
lot of people want to see them, but not everyone does. This solution works 
for everyone.

Doug's Scadoxus image hopefully will make its way to the wiki with its 
different background.

Mary Sue

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