Help needed please !!!! thanks for the feedback

Ron & Marina Moodycliffe
Fri, 21 Feb 2003 18:54:18 PST
G Day Mary I think you"ll find that your Mealy Bugs, in line with your 
space suit , will turn into a Delta wing bomber locally know as the 
Passionfruit vine hopper . Whack on your space suit & hit them with some 
Rogor if you are really serious . They seem to be out there in Ghengis 
Khan proportions this year probably due to the drought. I haven't seen 
any disasterous effects from them ,except that they get up your nose . 
We have had an inch of rain ,everything but the traffic noise has 
quietened down even the white cockatoos . We now will have to look out 
for fungus with this steaminess ,especially in the seedling boxes Kind 
Regards Ron & Marina Moodycliffe in Melbourne

Mary Wise wrote:

>Thanks for the info I think that I am going to have to bring in the
>'nasties' as the infestation is severe :(  Probably need to think along the
>line of a systemic applied very often for a few times and then maybe things
>will be back to a manageable level where I can use an alchohol/water mix to
>spot spray.  Will have to rug up like I am about to take a space walk to do
>it though :(  About ready to consign the lot to the rubbish skip actually.

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