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Wed, 12 Feb 2003 18:46:10 PST
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Trichopetalum plumosum has been uploaded to the wiki…

I like this for it's curiosity value and because they are not available in
every supermarket.
From South America.

"It's related to Thysanotus and Arthropodium and grows in much the same way,
the in the second year. The roots are finely tuberous, hence the lack of
a bulb. The flowers are very odd, with the outer tepals small and the
inner tepals looking like they are mostly hairs." (John Conran)
From Alberto Castillo
Trichopetalum plumosum is the only species of the genus in
South America and it resembles Thysanoti a lot, pointing to the remote times
when Australasia and South America were part of the same region. It is a
little plant some 20 cm tall or shorter when in bloom. Flowers are a white,
sometimes a dirty white and produced in Spring. In its native ladn of Chile
it grows in full sun in grassy slopes of hills in well drained soils. It is
not the easiest of plants to grow though. Rootstock is a cluster of short
sausages like in Thysanoti.
In the wild it receives rains from April to November and not a single drop
during summer. Therefore an autumn-winter-spring grower/summer dormant
plant. Foliage is basal, grass like. Soils in the wild are neutral to
slightly alkaline and frosts are slight and of no consequence.

Regards Sheila
Western Australia


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