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Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 13:08:33 PST
Dear All,

Here is a note from Nina Lambert to the Trillium list. She said I could 
post it on our list and reminded me that Trillium-l has open archives that 
everyone can look at and the url for them is included at the bottom.

Subject:      Re: Roscoea, the late comers

  > This genus also is a late starter for me, just like Arisaema
candidissimum and fargesii....

Here in UpState New York as well.   R. alpina, purpurea and
scillifolia have self-maintained and self-sown in the open ground for
at at least three decades, through bitter as well as wimp winters.
R. auriculatata, beesiana, cautleoides, humeana, and tibetica have
been in the open ground at least 5 but less than 15 years .  So far
they've been fine.  None have been lost to date but recent winters
have been mild.  They work themselves in fairly deep over time, seem
happy in clay and do best where they do not dry out during the
summer.  None emerge before the beginning of June.  R. cautleoides is
the first;  tibetica, second.  R. beesiana flowers around the end of
the first week in July.  R. auriculatata and humeana, a full month
later.  R. scillifolia (not showy but never quits) will throw
occasional bloom well into September.  All appear to want reasonable
drainage but none tolerate drying out when in top growth.  The taller
ones have required staking as they tend to flop towards the end of
the season.

Nina Lambert, Ithaca, New York, USA - Zone V


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