[Australian_Bulbs] Help needed please !!!!

Mary Wise marywise@IINET.NET.AU
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 09:49:12 PST
Dear All,

This message from Mary Wise to the Australian Bulb list and to ours seems 
to have gotten lost because of the way it was addressed so I am resending 
it. Alberto has already responded to her with the alcohol solution that 
some of you were suggesting very recently you had used with good results 
when we discussed insecticides. And that seems like an easy one to try. But 
in case there are any others and so Mary won't think we are excluding her, 
here is her message.

Mary Sue

My Hippeastrum are absolutely infested with millions of mealy bug.  Wondered
why they are looking so poorly, well that is the reason the damned things
are thick .  What the heck do I spray them with that is relatively non-toxic
to me as I am highly sensitive to pesticides and dont normally use anything
if I can help it.  Does anyone have a recipe for home made White Oil please,
dont know if that would help but I need to do something pronto.  In the
meantime I have been washing the plants with a strong jet of water to at
least give them a little respite from the blasted things.

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