Tulipa aucheriana

Lauw de Jager dejager@bulbargence.com
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 10:37:31 PST
Kelly Irvin a *crit :
I like this one, Arnold. I like the T. humilis image the most. The ones
I received a few years ago never survived, but I think I only plantedone
or two.
 Dear Kelly,
 Several years I try to grow the very beautiful  T humilis albo oculata
coerulea, and whatever I do it disappears within 1-2 years. Can anyone
help me  how to keep them alive here.
Kind regards

Lauw de Jager 
BULB'ARGENCE, 30300 Fourques, France
Site: http://www.bulbargence.com/

Région:  Provence/Camargue, Climat zone: 9a Mediterranean, dr y
July-August, peak rainfall in autumn, minimum temps -3-7°C (28-21F)
Reference vegetation: Arbutus unedo, Olea europeaea,

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