Dymo Labels

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> You have to buy an
> industrial-quality Dymo label-maker (available for about $150, along with
> the aluminum and also stainless steel labels, which I haven't tried, from
> the A.M. Leonard company - they have a website) 

But you have to turn the wheel and press each letter out one at a time. When 
I already have the plant names and other info in a Word table, spreadsheet, 
or database file I certainly don't want to have to capture all those 
keystrokes again.  That's why I mailmerge to clear address labels (about 5 
minutes for a thousand!) and then peel and stick them on the zinc labels with 
legs. If they're not as permanent as the steel dymo tags (and they're not), 
they're a heck of a lot faster to do.
Bill Lee

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