UCR botanic gardens

jennifer.hildebrand@att.net jennifer.hildebrand@att.net
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 11:11:58 PST
Hi all,

Doug's post about UCI's bulb sale reminded me that UCR's botanic gardens will 
soon be holding their bi-annual plant sales, too.  Saturday, April 5, 12-5, and 
Sunday, April 6, 9-3.  They don't specialize in geophytes, but there are some 
good ones listed.  Scilla peruviana, Veltheimia bracteata, a couple of Oxalis, 
some Alstromeria, a Knophofia, an Aristea, a Narcissus... I'm just hoping they 
aren't sold out of the Neomarica gracilis by the time I get there (I missed it 
last year!).

If you're interested, the following link gives you dates & times, a link to a 
list of everything available, and a link to contact them if you have questions.


Riverside, CA

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