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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Fri, 07 Feb 2003 00:05:50 PST
Dear All,

Lawrence and I are up late tonight working on the PBS wiki. We have lots 
more to do, but here is the photograph page for a start. There is already a 
lot of information posted there.


Please don't load any more images to the old wiki and wait until we have 
everything in place for the new wiki. (not long probably) I have 
transferred over the pictures on our PacificBulbSociety page on Lawrence's 
wiki to the new wiki. If you have uploaded a file and haven't added it to 
our page, I didn't change it over.

You could try to add it yourself to the new page by using the information I 
gave you before:
1 Use the page above
2 Edit
3 Place the url of your picture in alphabetically
4 Write above it about it
5 Type %%% after your information
(Follow what everyone else has done for clues)
6 Save your work

If some of you are stuck on this, send your url to Sheila 
mailto:sheila1@iinet.net.au or Mary Wise mailto:marywise@iinet.net.au

Mary I see has just figured out how to add her Babiana truncata picture. 
Ask nicely and maybe they will put in your url for you.

Mary Sue

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