TOW: Crocus species - The Crocus Group

Diane Whitehead
Mon, 03 Feb 2003 18:19:15 PST
I am a member of the Crocus Group, a loosely organized club that 
costs 5 pounds on joining and then requests more money only if funds 
run low.  That has happened once in the 7 years since I joined. 
Information about joining is on the Crocus Pages that Tony wrote 

There are three main reasons for belonging:

1. The newsletter which comes out twice a year, has interesting articles.
2. If you go to Europe, you can join activities.
3. It's the best source for crocus seeds, though people in the United 
States can no longer receive them, as the exchange is run by only one 
person, and he can't provide phytos.

When I visited England in February and March several years ago, I 
joined other members in visits to gardens.  The flowers were 
wonderful, and the people great fun. Everyone seemed to be going off 
to see crocus in the wild. "How was Morocco?"  "Wonderful.Come and 
see my photos next week"  "No, I'll be in Syria then". I was agog. 
One couple had been to Turkey 23 times and was heading off to Lebanon 
that spring.

There is usually a bulb auction in the fall, but I haven't been to it 
yet.  Maybe this year!

Diane Whitehead  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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