Zigadenus, was one of your natives

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 15:25:41 PST
Dear Peter,

Zigadenus fremontii grows where I live in Northern California. A short 
version has been blooming for four or five weeks now. Every year I see it 
when I am hiking and tell my friends who live nearby to save seed for me, 
but then forget to remind them. And yes it is found growing in damp coastal 
grass land. The populations growing wild on undeveloped land near where I 
live are much later (May to June) and significantly bigger. The Jepson 
manual treatment of Zigadenus didn't recognized the lower growing variety, 
but it certainly is quite different in size and blooms at a different time 
of the year in an area where both grow.

Diane asked earlier about the spelling. I have books that have spelled it 
Zygadenus, but most of mine spell it Zigadenus. I looked to see if there 
was anything written about the different spellings and couldn't find it so 
I assume whoever called it Zigadenus named it first.

This genus has species on both sides of the United States and in the 
northwest and southwest which is very interesting. I don't know if people 
grow any of the east coast varieties.

I have a number of Zigadenus fremontii in my garden I grew from seed of 
near by plants. They  put on an attractive display each year. It took me 
much longer to get them to bloom from seed that Peter reports, but I think 
if I were to grow them again I could make them bloom faster. The earlier 
ones are welcome signs of spring.

Mary Sue

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