Mystery Crocus

anthony goode
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 15:21:31 PST

So difficult to help without a picture!  I have posted on the wiki a
picture of a crocus that I grow which seems to fit your description.…
It may be nothing like your plant BUT it is one that I have twice
received mislabelled as something else - a natural imposter!  This
plant is - I believe - a form of Crocus vernus ssp albiflorus.  When
it first flowered I thought it unusual with its curious markings which
are most prominent on the insides of the petals.  I showed it to Alan
Edwards who has seen many Crocus in the wild and he thought it
unremarkable.  It is not horticulturally very special but does grow OK
outside and sets lots of seed every year.

If it is your mystery Crocus do let us know!

Tony Goode.  Norwich UK

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