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Hi Alberto:

Few people do grow Oxalis.  The showier species from South Africa are
rarely available and seem to receive little attention.  Without an
up-to-date reference, I think they will continue to languish in obscurity. 
It certainly isn't because they lack beauty!!  I think there are also other
reasons they have not become more generally available.  One is, that they
don't (usually) set seed, so someone has to have originally obtained them
from the wild in South Africa.  There they are at their peak of bloom in
mid to late winter before most South African monocots have started their
display, so visitors often see them just as they are finishing, if at all.
To obtain wild specimens, therefore, one would have to make a special trip
in the middle of winter.  Michael Vassar did this at least a couple of
times (with, I am sure, appropriate permits), so this is why his collection
is the best in this country. There are a number of people growing them in
Australia, although it is now illegal to import Oxalis to that country, but
OK to sell or distribute the ones already there.  

Telos usually offers thirty or so Oxalis (out of my collection of over
300), and they are the most popular item in the catalogue, so hopefully
they will slowly become more recognized and appreciated. One day I hope to
be able to photograph the collection so that people can see how lovely they


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> Dear Diana and all:
>                    I have just asked Peter why they did not include
> and he replied that it was because so few are grown and that the volume
> large enough.
>                    Is it that only you, Mary Sue, Mike Vassar and I grow 
> them? What a shame for specialist bulb nurseries!
> Regards
> Alberto
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