Commercial Announcements

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 21 Feb 2003 09:40:19 PST
Dear All,

As you may have noticed our host for this list is an org, not a com. 
Ibiblio is willing to host organizations that are educational in nature, 
but not commercial. A significant number of the members of this list have 
at least part time commercial horticultural ventures. I know that there are 
many members of this list who are going to be interested when a spring or 
fall list is posted on a web site, or one of you is having a sale. Please 
do not jeopardize our status by telling us prices and all the details of 
what you are selling.   Let everyone know how they can contact you 
privately to obtain this information. We really haven't had a significant 
problem with this yet, but I was not sure I had made the guidelines clear.

If someone requests a desire for something in the course of one of their 
posts and you can provide that item, please write that person privately and 
tell him or her that you have this item instead of discussing this on the list.

Thanks very much for your assistance on this.

Mary Sue


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