Insecticides--tobacco spray

Kelly Irvin
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 06:52:10 PST
I would guess that TMV couldn't survive two hours of boiling water. Yes, 
TMV can attack your plants after being harbored in a cigarette. You 
might be in danger of transporting the virus to your plants if you 
create the conconction, then visit your plants wearing the same clothes 
and unwashed hands, because these have potentially been in contact with 
the raw product (before boiling). wrote:

> I've read warnings for years that smokers should wash their hands 
> before touching plants for fear of transmitting viruses, tobacco 
> mosaic I think. Wouldn't an insecticide made of soaking old 
> cigarattes/tobacco pose the same dangers?
> Or have the warnings been exaggerated?
> Bill Lee

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