Tulipa species

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Sun, 23 Feb 2003 19:43:18 PST
Inspired by Arnold's postings of Tulipa photos on the PBS wiki, I added 
photos and links showing additional Tulipa species.  I'm not going to list 
all the links here, just follow this single link to the PBS wiki Tulipa page:


One item to call your attention to, and a question in general. In the photos 
I posted, I show a patch of Tulipa tarda, "succession interplanted" with 
Tulipa bakeri 'Lilac Wonder'.  I was wondering if others have tried 
"succession bulb planting" to extend the season of a planted area.  Can the 
bulbs coexist without one overtaking the other?  The most successful scheme 
I've tried is planting Puschkinia libanotica (which Hoog & Dix list as P. 
scilloides var. libanotica) amongst Crocus chysanthus cultivars.  After the 
crocus have finished, the lovely palest blue flowers of the Puschkinia adorn 
the patches of still-green crocus foliage.  They occupy the same space in the 
garden, conserving space for ephemeral bulbs.  Thoughts?

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