Habranthus robustus - filename formats

John Lonsdale john@johnlonsdale.net
Mon, 03 Feb 2003 06:15:22 PST

It is best to not use spaces at all in filenames that will be interpreted by
browsers.  Some handle them OK, others replace them with "%20" and behave OK
and others get in a real pickle.  If you need a space equivalent then use an
underscore (_) character.


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> <<This time I added the pg to the url, see what happens now.>>
> ===>Bill, the url in your first posting took me right to the photo:
> http://ibiblio.org/ecolandtech/pcwiki/…
> Notice the space and the two periods. If you delete the space, as is
> customary, you will get a page not found notice.
> Bill Lee

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