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Can you give us the name of the active ingredient in Dexol granules?

I use Marathon 1% Granular, a systemic insecticide, for the same job.  Its 
active ingredient is imidacloprid.  It is for use on greenhouse and nursery 
plants in containers.  It works.  the disadvantage is that it is apparently 
only available in 5 pound jugs, and these cost $90 to $130, depending on 
your source.

Jim Shields

At 06:25 PM 2/12/03 -0800, Jane wrote:
>All this folk wisdom is very interesting, but I get rid of aphids on my
>highly expensive seedlings with Dexol Systemic Granules, a product made for
>house plants. You sprinkle it on the soil and water it in. I don't know how
>toxic it is to people, but it smells pretty toxic! I stay out of the plant
>room for a few hours after applying it. I also use it in the bulb frame if
>Jane McGary
>NW Oregon

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