Mealy Bugs

John Lonsdale
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 19:43:52 PST
I may have missed a thread on insecticides last week whilst abroad but I use
Marathon (imidacloprid) for virtually all my interactions with things that
suck and crawl.  It is a superb product, contact and systemic, lasting for
up to 6 months, dependent upon compost.  Two summers ago I found quite a few
mealy bugs on some dormant Narcissus, Scilla and Leucojum  I had acquired
the previous year and have used Marathon since then, the main coverage being
a treatment in March.  I've never seen a beastie on them since and never had
healthier bulbs either.  I also use it on my irises outside - oncos and
junos - in fall and early spring


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