Group orders: How about Hoog & Dix?

Kelly Irvin
Thu, 06 Feb 2003 08:30:06 PST
Hi, everybody. This is my first time to post; joining just a few days 
ago. I imagine a number of us who sell bulbs have an account with this 
very reputable source. The bulk of my dry bulb sales actually come from 
them originally.

I would recommend that your best bet for a successful group order is to 
have your order ready by mid-December for spring shipments and April, 
like Jon already posted, for fall shipments. They run out of the more 
rare items very quickly.

I'm glad to have finally joined the list. The discussions are very 
interesting, indeed. Reminds me of the turn of the century discussions 
on the old IBS list. I hope I can add to the discussions.

Blooming in the greenhouse: Arum hygrophilum, Arisarum vulgare, Ferraria 
crispa, and Ipheon 'Rolfe Fiedler' (one, lone, single, solitary bloom).

Blooming in the house: Hippeastrum 'Ruby Meyer' (just starting); just 
finished, H. 'La Paz' & H. 'Emerald'.

Blooming outside: Snowdrops (just starting)

Foliar activity beginning outside: Lycoris chinensis, L. longituba, Arum 

John Lonsdale wrote:

>I have an account with H&D - you need one to be able to access the prices
>and order on the web.  You can look at the plants potentially available and
>their descriptions on the web anytime but can't see the prices !  Until you
>get the price list you don't know what they will actually be offering from
>the list.
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