Croft Nursery group order
Sun, 09 Feb 2003 20:53:02 PST
Hi everybody,

I hope by now you've had plenty of time to look through the Croft catalog, 
calculate your bank balance, and decide just how much money you can spare for 
all these new bulbs!  Anyone who would like to receive a copy of the catalog 
should email me at

The bulbs' growing habits mean that it will be necessary to order in two 
cycles.  Can you all please try to have your orders for the JANUARY-FEBRUARY 
bulb list to me by Wednesday, Feb. 12?  Also, look over the list of fleshy 
Amaryllid seeds and check their month of availability - if there are any that 
you want that will be viable in late Feb. add them to this list.  If you plan 
to order dry seeds, and would like them to be shipped with this first order, 
you should indicate that in your email.

If you have your complete order ready, feel free to send the whole thing, but 
we especially need to get going on the Jan-Feb list.  Once I know how many 
people plan to order, I can calculate everyone's share of phyto costs, 
shipping, etc.


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