Seed Flats

Kelly Irvin
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 13:31:10 PST

The flats with holes are for filling with media directly. The flats 
without holes are for placing cell trays or small pots into, which, in 
turn have media in them.

Cathy Craig wrote:

>Hi all,
>In the past I have used Park's Starts for seed starting. I love them, no
>complaints. However, I have about 2,000 seeds to start and I decided to try
>the 'flat' method. Since I don't want a flat of each (there isn't that much
>open ground in Southern CA anymore), I bought some half flats (11" x 11")
>from Charlie's.
>These come each with a clear cover (to retain humidity) but no holes in the
>bottom of the flats. I hate to admit to such abject stupidity (probably
>comes from washing too many dishes) but it is what it is: Some flats have
>holes and some don't. I never did understand this distinction. Do I only
>need to punch some holes in the flat bottoms if I intend to water from the
>bottom (from a tray or mat)? Are the flats w/o holes for people who
>top-water? Thanks!
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