TOW Crocus Species

anthony goode
Sat, 08 Feb 2003 13:11:46 PST
Crocus sieberi Hubert Edelsten has not set seed for me either in the
garden or under glass.  It does increase slowly both in the garden and
in pots.  Generally I would not expect horticultural clones to set
seed (they are cheaply available due to their rate of vegetative
increase) although as this plant arose in E A Bowles garden as a
seedling it might set seed.  Equally as it is supposed to be a hybrid
it would be unlikely to breed true - so you don't win either way!
Grown under glass its parent Crocus sieberi ssp sieberi does set seed
in the UK.  This plant is very variable in its outer markings, white
with dark purple in a variety of patterns.  Several examples are shown
on the relevant page of Crocus Pages.

Many thanks to the contributors to this topic.  One of my aims as a
NCCPG (National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens)
Collection Holder is to educate people about Crocus - I have also
learned about cultivation in parts of the US through our discussions.
Thank You.  I am always happy to answer private enquiries by email and
equally happy to hear from you if you think you know something I

Tony Goode.  Norwich UK

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