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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 09:04:42 PST
Dear Doug,

Thanks for helping me with my FAQ by asking a question others may have been 
wondering about.

There are several ways to use the wiki. One is just to add some of your 
better pictures on our Photographs page so they will be there as a 
reference for anyone who wonders what that plant might look like. To do 
that however you have to add the url to that page.

Another use is to illustrate a genus in the TOW as Tony did last week and 
Lyn and Rob did this week. It brings the subject to life. Hopefully Bill 
Dijk will add his Brunsvigia pictures and we will have some Ornithogalum 
pictures and Mark will add his Triteleia pictures he showed on the images 
lists and I'll add more of mine so that if and when the old archive project 
gets done, we will have pictures to illustrate the previous topics of the week.

A third use is to illustrate something discussed in a post to the group. It 
could be something blooming in your garden you are especially proud of. It 
could be something you are unsure about and wish some help with. It could 
be an illustration of something you have given to the BX. There are all 
sorts of possibilities.

The main thing is that if you upload a file and you want the rest of us to 
look at it now you will need to announce it in an email. If you want it to 
be a resource for later you will need to   put the url for your image on 
the Photograph and Information page.

I hope you will add your very nice Scadoxus image which I enjoyed seeing to 
the Photograph page.

Mary Sue

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