Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 16:48:23 PST
Dear Germán and Alberto,

I made a Wiki page for your Cipura. I hope you both will check my text to 
make sure what I have written about it is correct.…

Feel free to improve what I have said. I only have my books as a source 
since this is a new one for me. In the Innes book it says all the species 
need a dry rest after flowering and temperatures above 12 degrees C. or (54 
degrees F.) If that is true, most of us probably couldn't grow it unless we 
kept it as a houseplant or protected it during colder weather. John Bryan's 
books says to treat it like a Tigridia. Does that mean it could be keep dry 
during the winter and grown in the summer? If you are going to tempt us 
with these beautiful South American geophytes, please tell us more about 
how they grow.

Mary Sue 

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