Mainly Amaryllids Garden - New Address and where we are up to.

Daryl Geoghegan
Tue, 07 Jan 2003 07:39:15 PST
Greetings and Happy New Year, I hope it was a safe and joyous time for you All.

I have been offline now for the past 7 weeks and am now back, with a couple of thousand emails to read and catch up on.

We have moved into our new abode on our 3.5 areas of heaven. The soil in sand/clay with an excellent percolation rate for bulbs. It is like 3.5 acres of gold! No need to add anything extra, just dig and plant the bulbs straight into it. I never knew having so much room would be such a giggle. The Crinum are flowering beautifully in the open paddock and setting seeds too. Anyone interested in Crinum crosses please contact me privately. I have a few Crinum seeds available now.

Our new address is as follows..

Garden address...Lot 6 Elliot Road, Barnawartha, Victoria, 3688, Oz.

Postal address... PO Box 173, Barnawartha, Victoria, 3688, Oz.

Our new phone number is +61 02 6026 7377.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank All of those who have helped us through this difficult time. Moving is a nightmare to say the least! (let alone moving twice!!)

I trust the start to 2003 has been good for you.

Best wishes, 

Daryl (Dash) Geoghegan, 6 Elliot Road, Barnawartha, 3688, Victoria, 
Australia. Ph/Fax +61 02 6026 7377
Mainly Amaryllids Garden - PO Box 173, Barnawartha, 3688, Victoria, Australia.
A conservation garden for Amaryllid species and hybrids.
We grow  Clivia, Crinum, Cyrtanthus, Haemanthus, Brunsvigia. Please visit 
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