Kevin D. Preuss hyline@tampabay.rr.com
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 06:14:40 PST
Lauw -
I recall seeing them commonly used in Brazil by growers there.  They are easier to store, light in weight, very inexpensive, easy to transplant from. Here's another good use for them. I find them of great use in the field because you can collect a bulb, place it in a bag (labeled/numbered) along with small a small amount of soil (which could be analyzed if desired).  This way you bulbs can be stored at your homebase and still grow.  Just prior to returnig home, you can clean the bulbs when at a hotel, or house,or what not.  I found that bulbs collected and stored this way in the field were in much better condition upon arrival into the US; sragnospora effects were far less than on those collected and not stored in the bags w/ soil. 

Best wishes,
Kevin D. Preuss

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